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thumb the short, thick first finger on humans and other primates. The thumb makes it easy for the hand to pick up things and grasp them. [3 definitions]
thumb one's nose to treat with contempt or defiance (usually followed by "at").
thumbs-down a sign or gesture that shows disapproval, dissatisfaction, or disagreement.
thumbs-up an expression or gesture that shows that one approves, agrees, or is happy or satisfied with something.
thumbtack a tack with a flat, round head that can be pressed into a wooden or cork board with a thumb.
thump a heavy, dull sound of one thing hitting another. [5 definitions]
thunder the loud cracking noise or low distant rumble that follows a flash of lightning. Thunder is caused by the violent movement of air masses. [5 definitions]
thundercloud a large, dark storm cloud that makes lightning and thunder. Thunderclouds are charged with electricity.
thunderstorm a storm with thunder, lightning, rain, and wind.
Thurs. an abbreviation for Thursday.
Thursday the fifth day of the week. Thursday comes between Wednesday and Friday.
thus in this way; so. [3 definitions]
thy your. This word is used mostly in religion and in things written long ago.
thyme a small plant that has fragrant leaves and is related to the mint plant. Thyme is an herb. [2 definitions]
Ti symbol of the chemical element titanium.
ti1 the syllable that indicates the seventh tone of a musical scale.
ti2 any of several tropical plants resembling a palm, found in Asia and the Pacific, with long, narrow leaves growing in a tuft at the top.
Tibet a region of southwestern China, north of the Himalayas. Tibet has its own government and has been a center of Buddhism for over 1,500 years.
tick1 the quiet, clicking sound of a watch or clock. [5 definitions]
tick2 a small animal that is related to the spider. Ticks attach themselves to people and other animals and suck their blood. Ticks are known to spread disease.
ticket a small, narrow slip of paper or thin cardboard that shows that one has paid for something. [4 definitions]