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Ti symbol of the chemical element titanium.
ti1 the syllable that indicates the seventh tone of a musical scale.
ti2 any of several tropical plants resembling a palm, found in Asia and the Pacific, with long, narrow leaves growing in a tuft at the top.
Tibet a region of southwestern China, north of the Himalayas. Tibet has its own government and has been a center of Buddhism for over 1,500 years.
tick1 the repeated clicking sound of a watch or clock. [5 definitions]
tick2 a small animal that is related to the spider. Ticks attach themselves to people and other animals and suck their blood. Ticks are known to spread disease.
ticket a small, narrow slip of paper or thin cardboard that shows that one has paid for something. [4 definitions]
tickle to touch or poke so as to cause a tingling feeling or laughter. [4 definitions]
tickled pink delighted or very pleased.
ticklish sensitive to tickling. [2 definitions]
tick-tack-toe a game for two players who take turns marking either an X or an O on a grid of nine squares. The winner is the first player who fills in three squares in a row with the same mark.
tidal caused by, having, or related to tides.
tiddlywinks (used with a singular verb) a table game in which the players press large plastic disks against the edges of small ones in order to make the small ones jump into a cup.
tide the change in the height of the surface of oceans and other large bodies of water that happens about every twelve hours. Tides are caused by the pull of the moon and sun. [3 definitions]
tide over to support through some temporary difficulty, usually a lack of money.
tide pool a body of water from the sea that remains as a rocky pool on the beach when the waves move back from the shore. Many types of aquatic animals and plants can live in a tide pool.
tidings (sometimes used with a singular verb) news or information.
tidy neat and in order. [2 definitions]
tie to fasten, secure, or bind with a cord or string. [9 definitions]
tier1 one of several rows or layers placed one above another.
tiger a large, very strong mammal with short, yellow-orange fur and black stripes. Tigers are carnivores. They live in several parts of Asia but are endangered in all their habitats. Tigers are the largest of the big cats and are closely related to lions, leopards, and other cats that roar.