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TN abbreviation of "Tennessee."
TNT a powerful explosive. "TNT" is an abbreviation of "trinitrotoluene."
to in the direction of; toward. [15 definitions]
toad a small animal that looks like a frog and has dry, rough skin. Toads are amphibians, but live mostly on land rather than in or near water.
to a degree somewhat.
toadstool a mushroom shaped like an umbrella. Toadstools are often poisonous.
to a fault to a degree or amount that is almost too good.
toast1 bread that has been sliced and browned in an oven or toaster. [2 definitions]
toast2 a call on other people to drink in honor of someone or something, or the words of praise before this call. [2 definitions]
toaster1 an electric appliance used to heat and brown bread or rolls.
to a T in a complete or perfect way.
tobacco a plant with large, sticky leaves that are smoked or chewed. [2 definitions]
to blame in error or at fault.
toboggan a long, narrow, wooden sled that curves up in front. Toboggans have no blades underneath and are difficult to steer. [2 definitions]
to boot also; as well.
today the present day. [4 definitions]
toddler a young child, especially one who has just learned to walk.
toe one of the parts of the body that extend from the end of the foot in humans and other animals with backbones. Humans have five toes on each foot. [3 definitions]
toenail the nail on a toe, esp. a human toe.
toffee a hard candy made from butter and brown sugar.
tofu a food made from soybeans. Tofu has a mild taste and looks and feels like soft cheese.