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topic a subject of discussion or conversation.
topography the shape of the earth's surface across an area or region. The topography of an area includes the size and location of hills and dips in the land.
topple to sway and fall down; tumble. [2 definitions]
topsy-turvy upside down. [3 definitions]
torah (sometimes capitalized) the whole body of recorded Jewish law and wisdom, in particular the Old Testament and the Talmud. [2 definitions]
torch a stick or rod with a burning material on one end that is lit and carried for light. [3 definitions]
tore past tense of "tear2."
torment to cause to feel great pain or distress. [3 definitions]
torn the past participle of "tear2."
tornado a storm of very strong winds that often form a dark cloud that is shaped like a funnel. Although it does not last long, a tornado destroys everything in its path.
torpedo a long missile that is shaped like a cigar and is used to destroy ships. A torpedo travels through the water under its own power and explodes when it hits something. [2 definitions]
torrent a heavy flow of water with a strong current, such as a rushing stream, a flood, or a heavy rainfall.
torso the human body from neck to hips; trunk.
tortilla a Mexican flat bread or thin pancake made of cornmeal. Tortillas are often served hot and filled with beans, meat, or other foods.
tortoise a turtle that lives on land.
torture the intentional causing of great physical or emotional pain to a person or animal. [3 definitions]
toss to throw lightly; fling. [8 definitions]
tot1 a very young child.
total making up or including the whole; entire; full. [5 definitions]
totally completely; entirely.
tote to carry on one's back or in one's arms or hands.