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touch to put one's hand or fingers on in order to feel. [11 definitions]
touchdown the act of scoring six points in football by catching or carrying the ball behind the opponent's goal line. [2 definitions]
touchy easily made angry or upset; sensitive.
tough hard to break; strong; lasting a long time. [6 definitions]
tour to journey from place to place. [5 definitions]
tourism the act of traveling, usually for sightseeing or relaxing. [2 definitions]
tourist a person who is travelling for pleasure.
tournament a contest of skill including a series of games where those who lose one game may no longer take part. [2 definitions]
tow1 to pull along at the end of a rope or chain; haul. [2 definitions]
toward moving or facing in the direction of. [5 definitions]
towel a piece or length of soft cloth or paper used to wipe or dry the face, body, dishes, or other things. [2 definitions]
tower1 a tall, narrow building or part of a building that rises high above the ground. [2 definitions]
town an area with streets, houses, and buildings that is larger than a village but usually smaller than a city. [3 definitions]
town hall a building where people who govern a town have their offices and, usually, where these people and people of the town have meetings.
town house a home in a city that is part of a row of similar homes. A town house has two or three floors and is connected to the other homes in the row by shared walls. [2 definitions]
tow truck a truck that can lift another car or truck partly off the ground and pull it along behind itself. If a vehicle breaks down or is left in an illegal place, a tow truck may come and take it away.
toxic having to do with or made of a poison; poisonous.
toy any object that can be used in play, especially by children; plaything. [3 definitions]
toy shelf a single shelf or piece of furniture with multiple shelves used primarily for keeping and displaying children's toys.
trace1 a mark or sign of a past event or thing. [6 definitions]
trachea the tube that carries air to the lungs in humans and other animals that breathe air; windpipe. [2 definitions]