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train a connected series of railroad cars. [9 definitions]
trainer a person who trains people or horses so they are strong and ready for competition. [2 definitions]
training instruction and practice that prepares a person or animal to do a job, have a skill, or play a sport.
train station a place where train tickets are sold and where passengers and goods are let on or off trains.
trait a characteristic or quality that makes a person or animal different from others.
traitor a person who is disloyal to his or her country, his or her friends, or another group.
tram1 a small railroad or railroad car used for carrying loads in a mine or other small space. [3 definitions]
tramp to walk with heavy steps. [6 definitions]
trample to step on in a heavy or noisy way; to crush with the feet; stamp (usually followed by "on", "upon," or "over"). [4 definitions]
trampoline a sheet of strong canvas attached to a frame by springs. Trampolines are used for jumping and tumbling.
trance a condition in which one seems to be asleep and cannot fully control movements or the mind. A trance can be caused by hypnosis or illness.
tranquil without noise or excitement; calm; steady; peaceful.
trans- a prefix that means "across" or "over." [3 definitions]
transaction the act of doing business. [2 definitions]
transatlantic going or reaching across the Atlantic Ocean. [2 definitions]
transcontinental going or reaching across a continent.
transfer to move or carry from one person or place to another. [4 definitions]
transform to change the form, look, or shape of. [2 definitions]
transformation a major change in the form, shape, character, or nature of something or someone.
transfusion the transfer of blood from an outside source into the bloodstream of a person or animal.
transistor a small device used to control the flow of electric current. Transistors use very little energy. They are found in televisions, computers, and other kinds of electronic equipment.