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transform to change the form, look, or shape of. [2 definitions]
transformation a major change in the form, shape, character, or nature of something or someone.
transfusion the transfer of blood from an outside source into the bloodstream of a person or animal.
transistor a small device used to control the flow of electric current. Transistors use very little energy. They are found in televisions, computers, and other kinds of electronic equipment.
transit the act of passing over, across, or through; passage. [2 definitions]
transition a process of changing from one position, stage, or situation to another.
transitive verb a verb that is followed by a direct object. In the sentence, "My father owns a grocery store," "owns" is a transitive verb and "grocery store" is the direct object.
translate to change into the words of another language.
translation the act of changing writing or speech from one language to another. [2 definitions]
translator a person who takes speech or writing from one language and puts it into a different language.
translucent letting only some light through so that what can be seen on the other side is not clear.
transmission the act of transmitting or the fact of being transmitted. [3 definitions]
transmit to send or carry from one person, place, or thing to another. [3 definitions]
transmitter the apparatus that makes and changes radio waves in order to send them out as radio or TV signals.
transom a small window above a door. A transom is often attached with a hinge so that it can be opened and shut.
transparent letting light pass through and giving a clear view of objects on the other side. [2 definitions]
transpire to give off waste from a surface in the form of vapor.
transplant to pull up and plant again in another place. [3 definitions]
transport to carry from one place to another. [4 definitions]
transportation the act of carrying or moving something. [2 definitions]
trap1 a device for catching, holding, and often killing wild animals. [5 definitions]