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trawl a large net that is shaped like a cone and is dragged along the bottom of the ocean to catch fish. [2 definitions]
trawler a boat that is equipped with a special net that is dragged along the bottom of the ocean to catch fish.
tray a flat, open piece of wood, metal, or plastic used to carry, hold, or display food, drink, or small items. It often has a low rim. [2 definitions]
treacherous betraying or likely to betray trust; false. [2 definitions]
treachery a breaking of faith or loyalty; betrayal.
tread to step or walk on, in, or along. [7 definitions]
treadmill a belt or circle of moving steps that, when walked by a person or animal, causes a wheel to turn. Treadmills are used to run machines or to give people exercise.
tread water to keep floating in an upright position with just the head above water by moving the legs and feet as though walking.
treason the betrayal of one's country by going to war against it or giving information to its enemies.
treasure money or valuable items that have been collected or stored up. [3 definitions]
treasurer the officer of a club, business, or other organization who is responsible for taking care of the group's money.
treasury the money of a club, business, government, or other group. [2 definitions]
treat to behave toward in a particular way. [9 definitions]
treatment the act of behaving in some way toward another. [2 definitions]
treaty a formal agreement between two or more countries.
treble of, having to do with, or having the highest musical part, voice, range, or instrument. [2 definitions]
tree a woody plant that has a long main trunk and many branches. Trees usually grow quite tall. [4 definitions]
tree house a structure built within the branches of a tree for children to play in.
tree ring the layer of wood made by a tree during a single year; annual ring. It is possible to figure out the age of a tree that has fallen or has been cut down by counting its rings.
trek to travel or make one's way slowly and with difficulty. [2 definitions]
tremble to shake from fear, weakness, or cold. [2 definitions]