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treasure money or valuable items that have been collected or stored up. [3 definitions]
treasurer the officer of a club, business, or other organization who is responsible for taking care of the group's money.
treasury the money of a club, business, government, or other group. [2 definitions]
treat to behave toward in a particular way. [9 definitions]
treatment the act of behaving in some way toward another. [2 definitions]
treaty a formal agreement between two or more countries.
treble of, having to do with, or having the highest musical part, voice, range, or instrument. [2 definitions]
tree a woody plant that has a long main trunk and many branches. Trees usually grow quite tall. [4 definitions]
tree house a structure built within the branches of a tree for children to play in.
tree ring the layer of wood made by a tree during a single year; annual ring. It is possible to figure out the age of a tree that has fallen or has been cut down by counting its rings.
trek to travel or make one's way slowly and with difficulty. [2 definitions]
tremble to shake from fear, weakness, or cold. [2 definitions]
tremendous very large in degree or size; huge. [2 definitions]
tremor a shaking or trembling. [2 definitions]
trench a deep, narrow ditch. [3 definitions]
trend a general course, direction, or tendency. [2 definitions]
trespass an act of entering the property of another without permission, which is against the law. [3 definitions]
trestle a framework that holds up a bridge or other structure.
tri- a prefix that means "three."
trial the act of hearing a case in court to decide whether or not a person has broken a particular law. [5 definitions]
triangle a flat, closed figure that has three straight sides. [2 definitions]