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trigger a small lever that when pressed or pulled causes a gun to fire. [2 definitions]
trill a trembling or quivering sound made by a singing voice or a musical instrument. [3 definitions]
trillion the number that is equal to one thousand times one billion; 1,000,000,000,000. [4 definitions]
trim to make neat or orderly by cutting or clipping away some parts. [8 definitions]
Trinidad and Tobago a country in the Caribbean Sea that is made up of the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. The capital of Trinidad and Tobago is Port of Spain.
trinket a small piece of jewelry or other object used for decoration, usually inexpensive. [2 definitions]
trio a group of three people who sing or play musical instruments together. [3 definitions]
trip the act of traveling; a journey. [5 definitions]
triple three times as much; three times as many. [7 definitions]
triplet one of three children or animals born at a single birth.
tripod a stand with three legs used to support a camera or telescope.
triumph the winning of a great victory or success. [4 definitions]
trivial not valuable or important; insignificant.
troll1 to trail behind a slowly moving boat. [2 definitions]
troll2 an ugly dwarf or giant that lives in a cave or under a bridge in Scandinavian folk stories.
trolley a street vehicle that uses electricity from a track or overhead wires to move. [4 definitions]
trombone a brass wind instrument. The trombone is a long tube bent in two loops that ends in a bell shape. It is played with valves or a slide that moves to change tones.
troop a group or gathering of people, animals, or things. [4 definitions]
trooper a soldier who rides a horse. [2 definitions]
trophy something given to recognize a win or other accomplishment; award.
tropical of, having to do with, characteristic of, or happening near the equator.