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truly in a truthful manner. [4 definitions]
trumpet a brass wind instrument. Trumpets have three valves on a looped tube that ends in a bell shape. Trumpets produce bright, strong, piercing tones. Wind instruments made out of other materials that have a similar shape or sound to a trumpet can also be called a trumpet. [4 definitions]
trunk the main stem of a tree. [6 definitions]
trust a belief in the strength or truth of a person or thing. [8 definitions]
truth agreement with the facts or what is real. [4 definitions]
truthful likely to stay with the truth; habitually honest. [2 definitions]
try to attempt through effort. [6 definitions]
try on to put on clothing to see if it pleases or fits.
try out to compete for a position, as for a job, play, or sport. [2 definitions]
tsar another spelling of czar.
T-shirt a soft collarless shirt with short sleeves that is sometimes worn under another shirt. [2 definitions]
tsp. abbreviation of "teaspoon" or "teaspoons."
tsunami a very large, often destructive, sea wave that is caused by an earthquake or explosion of a volcano under the ocean.
tub a large, round container with a flat bottom used for washing, packing, or storing. [2 definitions]
tuba a large, brass wind instrument with a wide bell that produces deep, full tones.
tube a long, hollow piece of glass, metal, or rubber used to hold or carry liquids or gases. [3 definitions]
tuber an underground stem that is short, thick, and round. New stems that grow above the ground can grow from buds on tubers. Potatoes are tubers.
tuberculosis a serious disease that is passed from one person to another through the air. It usually affects the lungs; TB.
tuck to gather up and push in or turn under the loose end or edge of so as to secure (often followed by "in" or "up"). [6 definitions]
Tues. abbreviation of "Tuesday."
Tuesday the third day of the week. Tuesday comes between Monday and Wednesday.