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tuba a large, brass wind instrument with a wide bell that produces deep, full tones.
tube a long, hollow piece of glass, metal, or rubber used to hold or carry liquids or gases. [3 definitions]
tuber an underground stem that is short, thick, and round. New stems that grow above the ground can grow from buds on tubers. Potatoes are tubers.
tuberculosis a serious disease that is passed from one person to another through the air. It usually affects the lungs; TB.
tuck to gather up and push in or turn under the loose end or edge of so as to secure (often followed by "in" or "up"). [6 definitions]
Tues. abbreviation of "Tuesday."
Tuesday the third day of the week. Tuesday comes between Monday and Wednesday.
tuft a group or clump of long strands that are attached at one end and loose at the other. Yarn, hair, and grass are some strands that can form tufts.
tug to pull at in a strong way. [3 definitions]
tugboat a small, powerful boat used to guide, push, or pull larger ships into and out of harbors.
tuition the charge for being taught at a college or private school. [2 definitions]
tulip a plant that grows from a bulb. Tulips have large leaves shaped like lances and flowers that are shaped like cups. [2 definitions]
tumble to roll end over end while falling or while in flight. [5 definitions]
tumbleweed a plant whose rounded, branched tops break off in autumn and are rolled about by the wind.
tummy (informal) the abdomen or stomach.
tumor a mass of extra tissue that grows in or on the body. Some tumors are harmful.
tuna1 a large fish that lives in the ocean. Tuna are used for food. [2 definitions]
tundra one of the huge plains in the arctic regions of North America, Europe, and Asia. Trees do not grow on tundra.
tune a specific series of pleasing musical tones; melody. [5 definitions]
tune in to adjust to receive TV or radio signals from a certain station, or to select from a number of programs.
tune out (informal) to break away from or ignore.