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turntable the round plate that holds and rotates the record on a record player. [2 definitions]
turn the tables on to reverse a situation in order to gain the advantage.
turpentine a mixture of oil and resin from certain pines and other related trees. [2 definitions]
turquoise a blue or bluish green mineral that is cut and polished for use in jewelry. [2 definitions]
turret a small tower on a larger building such as a castle. [2 definitions]
turtle a reptile with a soft body covered by a hard shell that lives in water or on land. A turtle pulls its head, legs, and tail into its shell for protection.
turtleneck a high, snug collar that folds down. Some sweaters have turtlenecks. [2 definitions]
tusk a long, large, pointed tooth that sticks out from the mouth of some animals. Tusks grow in pairs and may be used to find food or fight. Elephants, walruses, and wild boars have tusks.
tutor a person who gives private instruction to a student. [2 definitions]
Tuvalu an island country in the central part of the Pacific Ocean. Tuvalu lies south of the equator and north of the country of Fiji. The capital of Tuvalu is Funafuti.
tuxedo a complete suit of evening clothes for men that are worn on very formal occasions. A tuxedo consists of a black jacket with tails at the back, black trousers with a side stripe, and a special white shirt. It is worn with a bow tie.
TV an abbreviation for television.
'twas shortened form of "it was."
tweed a rough, wool cloth woven with at least two colors. Tweed is used to make coats and suits.
tweezers a small metal tool that has two arms, used for picking up or plucking out small objects such as hairs or splinters.
twelfth coming next after the eleventh in a series. [3 definitions]
twelve the word for the Arabic numeral 12 and for the Roman numeral XII. [3 definitions]
twentieth coming next after the nineteenth in a series. [3 definitions]
twenty the word for the Arabic numeral 20 and for the Roman numeral XX. [3 definitions]
twice two times; in two instances. [2 definitions]
twig a small branch of a tree or shrub.