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undertake to decide or start to do. [2 definitions]
undertaker a person whose job is to prepare dead bodies for burial and make arrangements for funerals.
under the circumstances given the facts as they are.
under the sun in existence; in the world; on earth.
under the weather (informal) slightly ill or unhappy.
undertow a strong current of ocean water moving in the opposite direction from the waves moving toward shore.
underwater located, done, or made for use below the surface of a body of water. [2 definitions]
underwear clothing worn next to the skin under other clothing.
underweight lower in weight than is normal, desired, or necessary.
underworld the criminal class of society. [2 definitions]
undid the past tense of undo.
undo to release from or remove wrapping or fastening from. [3 definitions]
undone1 the past participle of undo.
undress to remove the clothing or covering from. [2 definitions]
undue too much; more than is right or appropriate.
unearth to dig up out of the earth. [2 definitions]
uneasy not comfortable; nervous. [2 definitions]
unemployed having no job; not employed. [2 definitions]
unequal of two or more things, not having the same amount, value, or quality; not equal. [3 definitions]
uneven not smooth, regular, or flat; rough or jagged. [5 definitions]
unfair not just or right; treating people in manner that is too harsh or that is unequal with the way others are treated. [2 definitions]