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unequal of two or more things, not having the same amount, value, or quality; not equal. [3 definitions]
uneven not smooth, regular, or flat; rough or jagged. [5 definitions]
unfair not just or right; treating people in manner that is too harsh or that is unequal with the way others are treated. [2 definitions]
unfamiliar not known or experienced before; unusual; strange. [2 definitions]
unfasten to release from; undo; separate.
unfold to open or spread out from a folded condition. [4 definitions]
unfortunate having bad luck; unlucky. [3 definitions]
unfortunately used to express that an event being talked about is something unlucky or something that turned out badly.
unfriendly not friendly; distant, unpleasant, or mean to other people. [2 definitions]
unhappy not glad or cheerful; sad; full of gloom. [2 definitions]
unhealthy in bad health; ill. [2 definitions]
unheard-of never before known or considered; completely new.
uni- a prefix that means "one" or "single."
unicorn a mythical animal having the body of a horse and a single, long horn extending from its forehead.
uniform always the same; never changing. [3 definitions]
uniform resource locator an address identifying the location of a file on the Internet, commonly called a URL. A URL consists of the computer on which the file is located and the file's location on that computer.
unify to make into a single unit or thing; bring together; unite.
unimportant not powerful or respected. [2 definitions]
uninhabited not lived in or inhabited.
uninterested having no interest; indifferent.
union the act of uniting. [6 definitions]