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United States of America a country in North America (usually used with "the"). Washington, D.C., is the capital of the United States of America.
unity the condition of being united or of acting as one.
universal of, having to do with, or characteristic of the whole world or the world's population. [2 definitions]
universe all matter and energy; all existing things, including the earth and heavens.
university a large school, where people both learn and do research. A student must finish high school before attending a university. Universities offer several levels of degrees.
unkind not kind or sympathetic; harsh.
unknown not known; not familiar.
unlawful not allowed by law; illegal.
unless except on the condition that.
unlike not alike or equal; different; unequal. [3 definitions]
unlimited having no limits, bounds, or restrictions.
unload to remove the load from. [3 definitions]
unlock to open the lock of by turning a key or mechanism. [3 definitions]
unlucky marked by or involving ill fortune or bad luck. [2 definitions]
unmanned not having a human pilot or crew.
unnatural not according to natural laws or processes. [2 definitions]
unnecessary not needed or required.
unpack to take out of a package, suitcase, or container. [2 definitions]
unpleasant not pleasant or agreeable; distasteful.
unplug to remove (the plug of an electrical appliance) from an outlet.
unpopular not liked or approved of by many people.