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unknown not known; not familiar.
unlawful not allowed by law; illegal.
unless except on the condition that.
unlike not alike or equal; different; unequal. [3 definitions]
unlimited having no limits, bounds, or restrictions.
unload to remove the load from. [3 definitions]
unlock to open the lock of by turning a key or mechanism. [3 definitions]
unlucky marked by or involving ill fortune or bad luck. [2 definitions]
unmanned not having a human pilot or crew.
unnatural not according to natural laws or processes. [2 definitions]
unnecessary not needed or required.
unpack to take out of a package, suitcase, or container. [2 definitions]
unpleasant not pleasant or agreeable; distasteful.
unplug to remove (the plug of an electrical appliance) from an outlet.
unpopular not liked or approved of by many people.
unravel to undo; reduce from cloth to threads; cause to come apart. [3 definitions]
unreasonable not acting or behaving with good sense; not guided by good judgment or sound thinking. [2 definitions]
unreliable not able to be relied on.
unrest a state of trouble, disturbance, or lack of satisfaction.
unruly not easy to restrict; difficult or impossible to control; wild.
unsatisfactory not good enough to meet a need or desire; not satisfactory.