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uppermost highest in place, rank, importance, or influence. [2 definitions]
upright in a vertical or standing position. [6 definitions]
uprising the act or an instance of rebelling or rising up against authority.
uproar a loud, confused disturbance; commotion. [2 definitions]
uproot to pull up or tear out of the ground by the roots. [2 definitions]
upset to tip or turn over. [9 definitions]
upside down with the part that is usually underneath on top; inverted.
upstairs on or toward an upper floor; up the stairs. [3 definitions]
up to as far upward as. [7 definitions]
up-to-date having the most recent information; current. [2 definitions]
upward toward or to a higher position or place. [2 definitions]
Ural Mountains a mountain range in Russia, extending from the Arctic Ocean to near the Caspian Sea and forming a border between Europe and Asia; Urals.
uranium a heavy, silver-white radioactive metal that is one of the chemical elements. It is used to produce nuclear energy. (symbol: U)
Uranus the third largest planet in the solar system and seventh in distance from the sun. [2 definitions]
urban of or having to do with a city or town.
Urdu the main language of Pakistan and one of the important languages spoken in India. Spoken Urdu is similar to Hindi, a major language of India, but its way of writing is completely different and not all of the words are the same.
urge to push or drive forward or onward. [5 definitions]
urgent needing immediate action or attention. [2 definitions]
urine a substance made by the kidneys to carry waste out of the body. Urine comes out as a yellow liquid in mammals and as a partially solid substance in reptiles and birds.
URL the address of documents on the World Wide Web. "URL" is an abbreviation of "uniform resource locator."
urn a large vase with a base. [2 definitions]