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Urdu the main language of Pakistan and one of the important languages spoken in India. Spoken Urdu is similar to Hindi, a major language of India, but its way of writing is completely different and not all of the words are the same.
urge to push or drive forward or onward. [5 definitions]
urgent needing immediate action or attention. [2 definitions]
urine a substance made by the kidneys to carry waste out of the body. Urine comes out as a yellow liquid in mammals and as a partially solid substance in reptiles and birds.
URL the address of documents on the World Wide Web. "URL" is an abbreviation of "uniform resource locator."
urn a large vase with a base. [2 definitions]
Ursa Major a constellation in the northern sky, also called the Big Dipper.
Ursa Minor a constellation in the northern sky, also called the Little Dipper.
Uruguay a country in southeastern South America. Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay.
U.S. abbreviation of "United States."
us the person speaking or writing together with another or others (a form of "we" used as the object of a verb or preposition.)
U.S.A. abbreviation of "United States of America."
usable able or fit for being used.
usage way or manner of using or treating something. [2 definitions]
USDA the government agency responsible for regulations on the safety of food. "USDA" is an abbreviation of the United States Department of Agriculture.
use to bring into service. [9 definitions]
used having been owned by someone else; not new. [2 definitions]
useful able to be used in a helpful, practical, or effective way.
useless having no good or practical purpose.
user one that uses. [2 definitions]
user-friendly easy to use or easy to learn how to use.