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Uruguay a country in southeastern South America. Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay.
U.S. an abbreviation for United States.
us the person speaking or writing together with another or others (a form of "we" used as the object of a verb or preposition.) [2 definitions]
U.S.A. an abbreviation for United States of America.
usable able or fit for being used.
usage way or manner of using or treating something. [2 definitions]
USDA the government agency responsible for regulations on the safety of food. USDA is an abbreviation for the United States Department of Agriculture.
use to bring into service. [9 definitions]
used having been owned by someone else; not new. [2 definitions]
useful able to be used in a helpful, practical, or effective way.
useless having no good or practical purpose.
user one that uses. [2 definitions]
user-friendly easy to use or easy to learn how to use.
use up to use all of; finish.
usher a person who shows people to their seats in a house of worship, theater, or stadium. [2 definitions]
U.S.S.R. an abbreviation for "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics," the official name of the former Soviet Union.
usual most common or expected; customary. [3 definitions]
usually ordinarily or most often; generally; typically.
UT an abbreviation for Utah.
Utah a state in the western United States. Its capital is Salt Lake City. (abbreviated: UT)
utensil a device, instrument, or container used in a kitchen.