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utility the quality or condition of being useful; usefulness. [2 definitions]
utmost of the highest or greatest degree, amount, or intensity; greatest. [2 definitions]
utter1 to give forth with the voice.
utter2 complete or total; absolute.
Uzbekistan a country in central Asia bordered by Kazakhstan to the north and Afghanistan to the south. The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent.
v3 the twenty-second letter of the English alphabet.
VA1 an abbreviation for Virginia.
vacant without activity or contents; empty. [3 definitions]
vacation a period of rest from school, work, or other activities. [2 definitions]
vaccinate to give a vaccine to, so as to protect from a disease.
vaccine germs of a disease that are dead or not active. Vaccines are used to help the immune system protect against the disease.
vacuum a space empty of all matter. [4 definitions]
vacuum cleaner an electrical appliance that cleans floors, carpets, rugs, and upholstery by means of suction.
vagina in most female mammals, the passage leading from the uterus to the opening through which a baby is conceived and born; birth canal.
vain not leading to a desirable or lasting effect. [2 definitions]
valentine a greeting card or gift sent on Valentine's Day. [2 definitions]
Valentine's Day see Saint Valentine's Day.
valid based on truth, fact, or logic. [2 definitions]
valley a long area of low land between mountains or hills. A stream or river often runs through a valley.
valuable having a great value in money; expensive. [3 definitions]
value the worth, importance, or usefulness of something. [5 definitions]