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vandal a person who destroys or damages property on purpose.
vandalism destruction or damage of property that is done on purpose.
vane a device set up to turn in the wind. Vanes show the direction of the wind. [2 definitions]
vanilla a tropical flower, a type of orchid, that bears a fruit used for flavoring. [4 definitions]
vanish to disappear suddenly from sight. [2 definitions]
vanity too much pride in oneself or in how one looks.
Vanuatu an island country in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. Vanuatu lies east of the continent of Australia. The capital of Vanuatu is Port Vila.
vapor tiny particles of a liquid or solid in a gas. [2 definitions]
variable likely to change; not constant. [2 definitions]
variety change or difference; diversity. [3 definitions]
various of different kinds; diverse. [2 definitions]
varnish a liquid that is brushed on wood or other surfaces to protect them with a hard, shiny coat. [2 definitions]
vary to change; to make different. [4 definitions]
vase an open container of glass or pottery that is usually taller than it is wide. A vase is used as a decoration or to hold cut flowers.
vassal a person in the Middle Ages who was given the use of land in return for loyalty and service to a lord.
vast very large in size or area. [2 definitions]
vat a very large barrel, tub, or tank, used for holding liquids.
Vatican City a small, independent state within the city of Rome, Italy. Vatican City is ruled by the pope of the Catholic Church.
vault1 an arch made of stone, brick, or concrete that forms a roof or ceiling. [3 definitions]
vault2 to jump, leap, or spring over, using the hands or a pole as a support. [2 definitions]
VCR abbreviation of "videocassette recorder."