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verge the border or edge of something. [4 definitions]
verify to make sure of the truth or correctness of.
vermilion the color that comes from mixing bright red and a small amount of orange paint.
vermin an animal that causes harm or damage or is difficult to control; pest. Rats and cockroaches are thought of as vermin.
Vermont a state in the northeastern United States. Its capital is Montpelier. (abbreviated: VT)
versatile able to do many different things well. [2 definitions]
verse1 poetry or a poem. [3 definitions]
version a description or report in a particular style or from one point of view. [2 definitions]
versus against; in opposition to. [2 definitions]
vertebra one of the small bones that form the spinal column.
vertebrate having a backbone. [2 definitions]
vertex the highest point of anything; apex. [2 definitions]
vertical straight up and down; upright.
very to a great extent; in a high degree; extremely. [6 definitions]
vessel a hollow container for liquids. [3 definitions]
vest a piece of clothing that has no sleeves, ends at the waist, and is worn over a shirt or blouse and sometimes under a jacket. [4 definitions]
vet1 (informal) a short form for "veterinarian," a doctor for animals.
vet2 (informal) a short form for "veteran," a person who has served in the armed forces during a war.
veteran a person who has served in the armed forces during a war. [3 definitions]
Veterans Day a holiday in the United States that honors veterans of the armed forces. It is held on November 11 and used to be called "Armistice Day."
veterinarian a doctor for animals.