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vice1 wicked, evil, or criminal behavior. [2 definitions]
vice- acting in place of; deputy.
vice president an officer who ranks directly below a president. The vice president works as president when the president cannot perform his duties. [2 definitions]
vicinity an area near or around a place; somewhere nearby.
vicious wicked; evil. [2 definitions]
victim someone who is hurt, injured, or killed by a person, group, or event. [2 definitions]
victor the winner of a contest, battle, argument, or struggle.
victorious having won a victory.
victory success in a fight against an enemy, opponent, or something difficult.
video the picture part of television. [3 definitions]
videocassette a cassette that holds a videotape. Videocassettes are used to record and play back pictures and sound.
videocassette recorder a device that records on and plays videocassettes; VCR.
video game a game played on a television or computer in which players control what happens.
videotape a magnetic tape used to record pictures and sound to be played on a television. [3 definitions]
Vienna the capital city of Austria.
Vietnam a country in southeastern Asia. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam.
Vietnamese a person who was born in or is a citizen of Vietnam. [3 definitions]
view the act of looking at or seeing; examination; survey. [7 definitions]
viewer one who views, esp. a spectator or person who watches television.
viewpoint an opinion.
vigilant alert and careful about danger.