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vigor intensity or force. [2 definitions]
vigour a spelling of "vigor" used in Canada and Britain. See "vigor" for more information.
Viking (sometimes lower case) any of the Scandinavian sea warriors and traders who were active from around A.D. 700 to 1100. The Vikings raided the coasts of Europe and settled parts of Britain, western Europe, Russia, and elsewhere.
villa a large, luxurious country house or estate.
village a small town or community, often in the country. [2 definitions]
villain an evil person; scoundrel. [2 definitions]
vine a plant having a long, thin, woody stem that climbs up a support or creeps along the ground.
vinegar a sour liquid formed when wine, cider, or malt ferments. It is used to flavor or preserve food.
vineyard an area where grapes are farmed.
vinyl a tough, shiny plastic made from a resin. Phonograph records, floor coverings, and water pipes are some things that are made of vinyl.
viola a musical instrument that looks like a violin. It has four strings and is larger than a violin but smaller than a cello.
violate to break or fail to keep. [2 definitions]
violence a strong force that can harm or damage. [2 definitions]
violent acting with great force or ill will. [3 definitions]
violet the color of purple violets; the last color in the color spectrum. [2 definitions]
violin a musical instrument with four strings and no frets. It is held between the chin and shoulder and is played with a bow.
viper a poisonous snake with long, hollow fangs.
virgin (capitalized) Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. [2 definitions]
Virginia a state in the southern United States on the Atlantic Coast. Its capital is Richmond. (abbreviated: VA)
Virgin Islands a group of islands in the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea. Part of the Virgin Islands belongs to the United States, and part belongs to the United Kingdom.
Virgo a constellation located between Leo and Libra. Virgo is also called the Virgin. [3 definitions]