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visible able to be seen. [2 definitions]
vision the ability to see; sight. [3 definitions]
visit to go or come to see. [4 definitions]
visitor one who makes a visit.
visor a brim that sticks out from the front of a cap or hat and shades the eyes. [3 definitions]
vista a distant view as seen from a particular point or through an opening such as between buildings or trees.
visual having to do with sight or seeing. [2 definitions]
visualize to form a picture of in the mind.
vital having to do with life. [4 definitions]
vitamin one of a number of natural or human-made substances needed for the health and normal working of the body. Humans get most of their vitamins from food.
vivid bright and strong. [2 definitions]
vocabulary the words of a language. [4 definitions]
vocal having to do with or produced by the voice. [3 definitions]
vocal cords the folds at the top of the windpipe that produce the sounds of the voice. There are two pairs of vocal cords. When air passes over the lower pair, it vibrates and sounds are made.
vocation a job or career; occupation.
vogue a popular fashion or style.
voice the sounds produced through the mouth by a human being. [6 definitions]
voice mail a spoken message that has been recorded electronically and stored on a central computer. The person to whom the message has been sent can listen to it by telephoning the computer. [2 definitions]
void not containing anything; empty. [8 definitions]
volcanic of, characterized by, or relating to a volcano or volcanoes.
volcano an opening in the earth's crust through which melted rock, ash, and gases are forced out. [2 definitions]