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waiting room a room provided in a doctor's office, train station, or the like, in which persons may wait.
wait on to attend to the needs of; act as a servant to. [2 definitions]
waitress a woman who serves or waits on customers in a bar, restaurant, or cafe.
wait upon to attend to the needs of; act as a servant to. [2 definitions]
wake1 to come out of sleep (often followed by "up"). [3 definitions]
wake2 the track of waves left by something that is moving through water. [2 definitions]
waken to cause to stop sleeping; awake. [3 definitions]
wake up to stop sleeping. [2 definitions]
Wales a country in Europe on the southwestern part of the island of Great Britain. Cardiff is the capital of Wales.
walk to move at a steady pace by steps. [9 definitions]
walk a tightrope to keep a difficult balance or middle position between opposed people or choices.
walk away with to win or get easily.
walking the act or movement of someone or something that walks. [4 definitions]
walk off with to win or get easily. [2 definitions]
walk of life job or social position.
wall a structure that forms the side of a building or divides or shuts off a space. [4 definitions]
wallet a pocketbook that is small and flat; billfold. Wallets are used to hold money, cards, or other small personal items.
wallow to roll the body in mud, sand, dirt, or water.
wallpaper paper printed with colors or colored patterns and pasted onto walls and ceilings. [2 definitions]
walnut a tree that grows nuts and is a source of useful wood. [4 definitions]
walrus a large mammal with tusks and thick, brown skin. Walruses are the largest pinnipeds or mammals with four flippers instead of feet. They spend much of their time on beaches or on frozen ocean in Arctic regions. Walruses are closely related to sea lions and seals.