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wasn't shortened form of "was not."
wasp an insect that has four wings and a slender body with a very narrow waist. Some wasps can give a painful sting.
waste to use or spend in a careless way or for little or no return. [11 definitions]
wastebasket an open container for holding trash. A wastebasket is used inside a home or other building.
wasteful using more than is needed.
wasteland land where there are no living things or where nothing will grow.
wastepaper basket a British word for a small, open container for holding trash. Wastepaper basket has the same meaning as wastebasket.
watch to look closely or carefully. [8 definitions]
watchdog a dog that is trained to guard property.
watchful watching closely or carefully; alert.
watch it to be careful; to have caution.
watchman a person who keeps watch over or guards something.
watch one's p's and q's to be careful of what one does and says.
watch out to be careful.
water a clear liquid that has no taste or odor. Water takes the form of rain, rivers, oceans, and lakes and is a requirement for most forms of life. [6 definitions]
water buffalo a large buffalo with dark gray fur that lives mainly in the southern parts of Asia. Water buffalo have curved horns that can span six feet from one tip to the other. Water buffalo weigh up to one ton. They are very strong, and people often use them to pull heavy loads.
watercolor paint made of pigment designed to be mixed with water. [3 definitions]
watercress a plant related to mustard that grows in fresh water. [2 definitions]
water cycle the process by which water on the earth evaporates, then condenses in the atmosphere, and then returns to earth in the form of precipitation.
waterfall a stream of water that falls from a higher place; cascade.
water hole a place in a dry area, such as desert, where water comes up from the ground and where animals come to drink.