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weatherman a man who forecasts weather or reports it on radio or television.
weather vane a device that swings in the wind to show what direction the wind is blowing.
weave to make by passing threads or strips over and under each other. [6 definitions]
web a thin structure spun by spiders and the larvae of certain insects. [5 definitions]
webbed having or joined by a web. [2 definitions]
webfoot a foot with the toes connected by skin or a web. [2 definitions]
web page a document belonging to a website on the World Wide Web.
website a location on the World Wide Web. A website contains a home page and other pages that are linked to the home page.
wed to take as husband or wife in a ceremony; marry. [3 definitions]
we'd shortened form of "we had" or "we would."
wedding a ceremony of marriage.
wedge a piece of wood or metal shaped like a triangle with a thin edge. A wedge is driven or forced between objects to split, lift, or make them stronger. [5 definitions]
Wednesday the fourth day of the week. Wednesday comes between Tuesday and Thursday.
wee very small or tiny. [2 definitions]
weed1 any plant that grows wild where it is not wanted, especially in gardens or among farm crops. [3 definitions]
week a unit of time equal to seven days. [2 definitions]
weekday any day of the week except Saturday and Sunday.
weekend the part of the week between Friday evening and Sunday evening.
weekly done, happening, or printed once a week. [4 definitions]
weep to show strong feelings by crying.
weigh to measure the weight of by using a scale. [4 definitions]