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welcome used to express warm greetings to someone who has just arrived. [8 definitions]
weld to join metal or plastic by using heat, followed either by pressure or by adding a melted material. [2 definitions]
welfare a state of health, happiness, and good fortune. [2 definitions]
well1 in a good, proper, or acceptable way. [12 definitions]
well2 a deep hole dug in the ground to get water, oil, gas, or other natural resources. [4 definitions]
we'll shortened form of "we will."
well-balanced properly controlled.
well-behaved showing good manners.
well-being the condition of being healthy, happy, and comfortable.
well-known known by many; famous; familiar.
well-mannered polite and considerate.
well-off rich; having enough money to be comfortable. [2 definitions]
well-read having read much in one or a wide range of subjects; knowledgeable.
well-rounded having a proper balance. [2 definitions]
Welsh of or having to do with Wales, or its people or language. [3 definitions]
went past tense of go1.
wept past tense and past participle of weep.
were a past tense of the verb be that is used with the pronouns "you," "we," or "they." It is also used with plural nouns.
we're shortened form of "we are."
weren't shortened form of "were not."
werewolf in folklore, a human who has changed into or is capable of changing into a wolf and back into a human again.