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went past tense of "go1."
wept past tense and past participle of "weep."
were a past tense of the verb "be" that is used with the pronouns "you," "we," or "they." It is also used with plural nouns.
we're shortened form of "we are."
weren't shortened form of "were not."
werewolf in folklore, a human who has changed into or is capable of changing into a wolf and back into a human again.
west the direction behind a person facing the rising sun. [7 definitions]
West Bank an area in the Middle East between the west bank of the Jordan River and the eastern border of Israel. It was once part of Jordan and was taken over by Israel in 1967.
westerly of or toward the west. [3 definitions]
western in, to, from, or having to do with the west. [2 definitions]
westerner (often capitalized) a person born in, or living in, the western part of the United States, or in a western area or region.
Western Hemisphere the half of the earth that includes North, Central, and South America.
Western Sahara a region of northwest Africa lying on the Atlantic coast and bordering Morocco, Algeria, and Mauritania.
West Germany a country in central Europe until 1990. West Germany was once known as the Federal Republic of Germany by itself, but is now united with East Germany to form one country, the current Federal Republic of Germany.
West Indies a large group of islands in the North Atlantic between North and South America. The West Indies include the Antilles and the Bahamas.
West Virginia a state in the eastern United States. Its capital is Charleston. (abbreviated: WV)
westward toward the west. [2 definitions]
wet soaked, made moist, or covered with water or another liquid. [6 definitions]
wetland (often plural) low-lying land that is always wet, such as a marsh or swamp.
wet one's whistle to have something to drink.
we've shortened form of "we have."