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whippoorwill a bird with gray, black, and white feathers that lives in eastern North America and eats insects. The whippoorwill sings at night, and its call sounds like its name.
whir to move or turn quickly with a humming or buzzing sound. [2 definitions]
whirl to turn or spin quickly on a central point. [8 definitions]
whirlpool water turning rapidly about a center and pulling downward.
whirlwind a small storm in which a column of air turns rapidly around a central axis as the storm moves forward. Tornadoes are whirlwinds. [3 definitions]
whisk to brush off or carry off with, or as though with, a quick, light sweep of the hand or a brush. [2 definitions]
whisker human facial hair growing above the upper lip or on the cheeks or chin. [2 definitions]
whiskey a liquor made from rye, corn, or other grains.
whisky another spelling of whiskey. This spelling is usually used for Scotch or Canadian whiskey.
whisper to speak in a soft, low tone. [3 definitions]
whistle to make shrill high sounds by forcing air through a small opening in the lips or a device. [9 definitions]
white the color of snow or salt; the lightest color. [6 definitions]
white blood cell a small blood cell with no color that helps protect the body against infections and bacteria.
whiteboard a board, usually colored white, used as a writing surface in places such as classrooms and meeting rooms. Whiteboards are used in a way similar to blackboards, but they have a smooth, shiny surface that is designed to be written on with special markers and easily erased.
White House the official home of the President of the United States in Washington, D.C. (used with "the"). [2 definitions]
whiten to make or become white.
white-tailed deer an animal with antlers, long legs, and hooves. White-tailed deer are mammals. They live in woodlands of northern South America, Central America, and the United States, and are very common in the eastern United States. They are closely related to moose and other kinds of deer.
whitewash a thin white paint used on walls, fences, or foundations. [3 definitions]
whittle to cut small bits or thin layers from, or to trim or shape by so doing. [2 definitions]
whiz to make a buzzing or hissing sound by, or as if by, flying swiftly through the air. [2 definitions]
who what person or persons. [4 definitions]