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wild living in a natural state; not tamed. [6 definitions]
wildcat a bobcat, lynx, ocelot, or other wild cat of medium size.
wilderness a region in its natural state where there are trees and wild animals, but no people living there.
wildflower a wild, flowering plant that grows in meadows, woods, or other natural areas.
wildlife wild animals that live free of humans.
will1 used to show the future. [6 definitions]
will2 the power of the mind to choose a course of action or to make a decision. [7 definitions]
willful according to one's will; on purpose. [2 definitions]
willing wanting or agreeing to do something; ready. [2 definitions]
willingness the state of being ready or glad to do something without being forced to do it.
willow a tree or bush that has narrow leaves. The long twigs of willows bend easily and are used in weaving baskets and making furniture.
wilt to lose freshness and become limp.
wimp (informal) a weak person.
win to do the best or come first in a contest or game. [4 definitions]
wince to draw suddenly back or away from something painful or frightening.
winch a machine, run by motor or hand, that pulls or lifts objects by a rope or cable that is wound around a drum.
wind1 air as it moves naturally over the surface of the earth. [4 definitions]
wind2 to follow or to have a bending or turning course. [7 definitions]
wind down to become less strong or intense. [2 definitions]
windfall money or another piece of good fortune that is not expected or earned. [2 definitions]
wind instrument a musical instrument that is sounded by the force of air blown into it. Flutes, trumpets, and clarinets are some wind instruments.