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Wisconsin a state in the midwestern United States. Its capital is Madison. (abbreviated: WI)
wisdom the state of being wise. [3 definitions]
wisdom tooth the last tooth on each side of both the upper and lower jaws of humans that is the last tooth to appear. A wisdom tooth can cause problems when there is not enough room for it to grow.
-wise a suffix that means "in a certain way, direction, or position."
wise1 having understanding and good judgment about what is true or good. [2 definitions]
wish a desire or hope for something that may or may not be obtained. [6 definitions]
wishbone a forked bone found in front of the breastbone of most birds. Wishbones from cooked birds are used to make wishes. The two ends of the bone are pulled by two different people until the bone breaks somewhere near the middle. The person with the larger end left from the break is said to have won their wish.
wisp a thin bundle of hay, tuft of hair, or small bit of something else. [2 definitions]
wisteria a woody vine with drooping clusters of purple or white flowers that look like bunches of grapes.
wit1 (often plural) the ability to understand, think, or know. [4 definitions]
witch a woman who is believed to have magic powers.
with in the company of. [12 definitions]
with a grain of salt with some doubt.
with child pregnant.
withdraw to take out or away; remove. [3 definitions]
withdrew past tense of "withdraw."
wither to dry up or wilt. [3 definitions]
withheld past tense and past participle of "withhold."
withhold to hold back; control. [2 definitions]
within into or in the inner part of a room, building, or other space. [3 definitions]
without having none of or no; lacking. [3 definitions]