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wonderful causing feelings of wonder; excellent or amazing.
won't shortened form of "will not."
wood the hard material lying under the bark that makes up the trunk and branches of a tree. [4 definitions]
woodchuck a rodent with a thick body and shaggy brown fur. Woodchucks live in burrows and sleep all winter. They are also called groundhogs. Woodchucks are common in Canada and the northeastern United States
wooded having woods; covered with trees.
wooden made of wood.
woodland land covered with woods; forest.
woodpecker a bird with a hard, pointed bill for making holes in trees to find insects to eat. Their strong claws and stiff tails help them climb trees. Woodpeckers are of many different sizes.
woodwind any of a group of musical wind instruments that were originally made of wood. Clarinets, flutes, and oboes are some woodwinds. [2 definitions]
woodwork door and window frames and other wooden parts inside a house, or other objects or parts made of wood.
woodworking the art, act, or process of shaping wood. [2 definitions]
woody filled with trees; wooded. [2 definitions]
wool the thick, soft, often curly hair of sheep, goats, llamas, and other animals. [5 definitions]
woolen of or made of wool.
word a sound, group of sounds, or the symbols for such sounds in writing that have some meaning. Words are a basic unit of language. [6 definitions]
wording the act or manner of putting into words.
word processing the creation of typed documents on a computer.
word processor a computer or a computer program that can be used to write, change, print, and save text that one writes.
wordy having or using too many words.
wore past tense of "wear."
work the use of energy or effort to achieve a result by doing or making something; labor. [10 definitions]