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workman a male worker who works with his hands or with machines.
workmanship the art or skill of someone who works with their hands or with machines. [2 definitions]
workout a period or program of physical exercise. [2 definitions]
workplace the place where one works, especially a factory, office, store, or the like.
workshop a room or building in which a particular kind of work is done, usually involving manual or mechanical skills. [2 definitions]
world the universe; everything that exists. [6 definitions]
worldly of or relating to the material world; not spiritual. [2 definitions]
worldwide spread or happening all over the world.
World Wide Web a part of the Internet. The World Wide Web is made of documents called "pages" that are linked to each other.
worm an animal with a long, thin, round or flat body. Worms have no legs and move by creeping or crawling. Worms are invertebrates and have no backbone. [7 definitions]
worn-out no longer able to be used because of wear. [2 definitions]
worried feeling trouble or anxiety about something that might happen.
worry to feel anxious, troubled, or uneasy. [5 definitions]
worse comparative of bad and ill. [6 definitions]
worship love and devotion shown to a being or an object considered sacred. [4 definitions]
worst superlative of bad or ill. [7 definitions]
worth good or important enough for. [6 definitions]
worthless without use or value.
worthwhile valuable enough to be worth doing.
worthy having enough worth or value. [2 definitions]
would used as a past form of "will"1 after verbs in the past tense that report speech or thoughts. [3 definitions]