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wrench to damage or hurt by twisting. [5 definitions]
wrest to take away with, or as if with, a twist or pull.
wrestle to take part in the sport of wrestling, or to struggle to throw and hold another to the ground. [3 definitions]
wrestling an athletic exercise or contest in which two people struggle to throw and hold each other to the ground.
wretched unhappy; miserable. [2 definitions]
wriggle to twist and turn one's body with quick movements from side to side; wiggle. [3 definitions]
wring to twist and squeeze tightly. [3 definitions]
wrinkle1 a fold or ridge on an otherwise flat surface, such as cloth or skin. [2 definitions]
wrist the joint between the arm and hand, or the bones that make up this joint.
wrist watch a watch on a strap or band that is worn around the wrist.
write to form on a surface with a pen, pencil, typewriter, or other instrument. [6 definitions]
write down to write (something) in order to remember it, save it, or study it at a later time.
writer one who writes. [2 definitions]
writing the act, art, or job of one who writes. [4 definitions]
written past participle of "write." [2 definitions]
wrong not true, or correct. [8 definitions]
wrote past tense of "write."
wrought iron a soft iron, used in making garden furniture, candle holders, and other strong objects with fancy shapes and details.
wrung past tense and past participle of "wring."
wt. abbreviation of "weight."
WV abbreviation of "West Virginia."