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zinnia a plant with colorful flowers that is related to the daisy. The zinnia is found in North and South America.
zip1 a sudden, sharp noise. [3 definitions]
zip2 to fasten by closing a zipper. [2 definitions]
Zip Code (Trademark) Zip Code is a U.S. Postal Service system that uses a code of five or more numbers to identify every postal delivery area in the United States. Zip stands for "Zone Improvement Plan."
zipper a fastener made up of two rows of teeth that lock together and a slide pull that either joins them or pulls them apart. Zippers are used on clothing, handbags, and other articles.
zit (slang) a pimple.
zither a stringed instrument that has a flat sound box and thirty or forty strings. Zithers are played by plucking the strings.
zodiac an imaginary belt in the heavens that includes the paths of the sun, moon, and planets as seen from the earth. The zodiac is divided into twelve equal signs or parts. Each part is named for a constellation that appears within the belt.
zone an area that is divided from other areas because of a particular use or some other special quality. [3 definitions]
zoo a place where living animals, especially wild ones, are kept for people to look at. The word "zoo" is short for "zoological garden."
zoo- a prefix that means "animal."
zoology the science and study of animals.
zoom to move quickly while making a low humming sound. [2 definitions]
zucchini a type of summer squash that is shaped like a cucumber and has a smooth, dark green skin.