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a1 the first letter of the English alphabet. [3 definitions]
a2 any one of a group or kind. [3 definitions]
a3 in every or in each; for every or for each.
a-1 a prefix that means "on," "at," "into," or "to."
a-2 a prefix that means "away," "from," or "off." [2 definitions]
aardvark a large mammal with a long snout, long ears, a long tail, and almost no hair. Aardvarks are active at night, when they use their powerful claws to dig open ant or termite nests. They catch their food with long, sticky tongues. Aardvarks live in southern and central Africa. Although they are sometimes called anteaters, aardvarks are not closely related to any other kind of mammal.
abacus a device used for counting or calculating. An abacus has beads or other counters that slide along rods or in grooves.
abalone a large sea snail that has several shiny colors on the inside of its shell. Abalone are mollusks. People eat abalone meat and make decorations from the shells.
abandon to leave behind with no plan to return or take possession again; desert. [3 definitions]
abandoned left forever; deserted.
abate to make less in amount or intensity. [2 definitions]
abbey a religious place or building where monks or nuns live.
abbreviate to shorten the time or length of. [2 definitions]
abbreviation a shortened form of a word or phrase used in writing.
abdicate to officially give up a position of power or a right.
abdomen the part of the body between the chest and the hips. The abdomen contains the stomach, intestines, and liver. [2 definitions]
abduct to carry off or lead away by force; kidnap.
abide to continue. [3 definitions]
abide by to obey; agree to.
ability the power to do something; the quality of being able. [2 definitions]
ablaze on fire. [2 definitions]