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ageism the act of having a bad opinion of, or not treating in a fair way, a person or group of people based on age. This kind of discrimination is often against older people.
agency a company or organization that does business in support of other companies or people. An agency helps people do things that are difficult or complicated to do just by themselves. [3 definitions]
agenda a list of things to be done or talked about.
agent a person who has been given the power to do certain actions for another person. [2 definitions]
aggravate to make worse. [2 definitions]
aggression an attack or war against a country started without good cause by another country. [2 definitions]
aggressive mean and unfriendly in one's actions; ready to argue or start fights. [2 definitions]
aghast filled with alarm or horror; shocked.
agile moving quickly and gracefully. [2 definitions]
agility the ability to move or think easily and quickly.
agitate to cause to move in a quick, tumbling motion or with force; shake. [3 definitions]
agitation the act or process of stirring up something, forcing it to move around or back and forth. [2 definitions]
aglow shining with a soft light; glowing; bright. [2 definitions]
ago before now. [2 definitions]
agony great or intense pain and suffering in the mind or body, usually over a long period of time.
agree to have the same opinion or feel the same way (often followed by "with"). [5 definitions]
agreeable pleasant, nice, or likable. [2 definitions]
agreement the act of coming to a common understanding or of agreeing. [4 definitions]
agricultural having to do with agriculture or farming.
agriculture the science and work of raising crops and farm animals; farming.
agronomy the scientific study of the use of soil for producing crops.