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alligator a large reptile with short legs, a long body and tail, and a long, wide snout. Alligators are protected by thick skin with many hard bumps. They live in rivers, lakes, swamps, and other bodies of water in the southeast United States and in China. They usually eat insects, fish, turtles, snakes, birds, and other water animals, but have been known to attack small land mammals. They are closely related to crocodiles. Chinese alligators are endangered because their habitat is being changed by people.
alliteration the repetition of the same sound at the beginning of words in a phrase or sentence.
allot to set apart for a particular purpose; assign. [2 definitions]
all over with completed; finished.
allow to let; permit. [2 definitions]
allowance a sum of money given on a regular basis or allowed for a particular purpose.
alloy a substance made by mixing two or more metals or a metal and another substance.
all-purpose used in many different ways.
all right in a satisfactory but not outstanding way; well enough. [4 definitions]
all-round all-around.
all-star made up entirely of the best players or performers.
all the same however; in any case. [2 definitions]
all thumbs awkward, especially with the hands; clumsy.
allude to mention (usually followed by "to").
allure to attract strongly by appealing to people's inner wishes; tempt. [3 definitions]
all wet completely wrong.
ally to join or unite for a particular purpose (usually followed by "to" or "with"). [2 definitions]
almanac a book of interesting and useful facts about many different subjects. [2 definitions]
almighty having complete power or the most power. [2 definitions]
almond a small tree related to the cherry tree that grows in warm areas and produces seeds that can be eaten. [3 definitions]
almost not quite all; nearly.