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audible heard or able to be heard.
audience a group of people gathered to see or hear something. [3 definitions]
audio having to do with or using sound. [4 definitions]
audio- a prefix that means "sound" or "hearing."
audiovisual having both sound and a picture.
audition a performance that tests the ability of an actor, musician, or dancer. [3 definitions]
auditorium a large room or building where people gather for a performance or speech.
auditory having to do with or referring to hearing or the sense of hearing.
Aug. an abbreviation for August.
auger a tool used by carpenters to make holes in wood.
augment to make greater in size or amount; increase.
August the eighth month of the year. August has thirty-one days.
auk a sea bird with webbed feet and short wings that lives in colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Auks are good at swimming and diving.
aunt the sister of one's mother or father. [2 definitions]
auricle the part of the ear that can be seen. [2 definitions]
aurora australis bands of light that appear in the skies at night near the South Pole; southern lights.
aurora borealis bands of light that appear in the skies at night near the North Pole; northern lights.
austere being or looking very stern and serious. [2 definitions]
austerity the condition or quality of being very stern and serious.
Australia the smallest continent. Australia is southeast of Asia, between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is in the Eastern Hemisphere. [2 definitions]
Australian of or having to do with Australia, or its people or languages. [2 definitions]