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battle a fight between two armed persons or forces during a war. [4 definitions]
battlefield the area in which a battle takes place.
battleground a battlefield.
battlement (often plural) a wall along the top of a castle, fort, or tower that has openings for people to shoot through.
battleship a large military ship that has heavy armor and large guns.
bawl to cry loudly or strongly; wail. [2 definitions]
bawl out (informal) to scold loudly.
bay1 a part of a sea or lake that cuts into a coastline and is partly surrounded by land.
Bay of Bengal a bay of the Indian Ocean bordered mostly by India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.
bayonet a weapon like a knife attached to the front end of a rifle for use in close fighting.
bayou a stream that moves slowly through a swamp or marsh. Bayous are found in the southern United States.
bazaar an outdoor street market made up of rows of little shops or stalls where people buy and sell things. [2 definitions]
B.C.1 an abbreviation for "before Christ." These letters are placed after a date that is earlier than the birth of Christ. [2 definitions]
Be symbol of the chemical element beryllium.
be to live or exist. [8 definitions]
be- a prefix that means "to cause to be." [2 definitions]
beach the land at the edge of a lake, ocean, or other body of water. A beach slopes gently toward the water and usually has sand or pebbles. [2 definitions]
beach ball a large, air-filled ball of brightly colored plastic, usually used for games played in or near the water.
beacon a signal of light or radio waves that guides or warns ships or aircraft.
bead a small, round object made of material such as glass, wood, or plastic. A bead has a small hole through its center so it can be put on a string to make necklaces or to decorate clothing. [3 definitions]
beagle a breed of dog. Beagles are small dogs with short legs, drooping ears, and smooth fur that is usually black, tan, and white.