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Bible the main sacred writings of Judaism and Christianity. The writings of Judaism are made up of the Old Testament, while those of Christianity are made up of both the Old and New Testaments. [3 definitions]
Biblical (often lower case) of or in the Bible.
bibliography a list of titles about a certain subject. [2 definitions]
biceps the large muscle at the front of the upper arm that bends the elbow.
bicker to quarrel about something that does not matter.
bicuspid a tooth ending in two points.
bicycle a light vehicle with two wheels, one behind the other, a small seat, and handlebars for steering. Pedals make the wheels move. [2 definitions]
bid to say to. [4 definitions]
biennial happening every second year. [5 definitions]
big large in size, number, or weight. [3 definitions]
Big Dipper part of the constellation Ursa Major, made up of this constellation's seven brightest stars. These stars form a shape that looks like a ladle, or dipper.
bighorn a wild sheep found in the Rocky Mountains of North America. The male has large, curved horns; the female has short, straight horns. They are also called Rocky Mountain sheep.
big on excited about; having a liking for.
bike (informal) a short form of bicycle or motorcycle. [2 definitions]
bile a bitter, yellowish liquid made in the liver. Bile helps to digest fats. [2 definitions]
bilingual able to speak two languages well. [2 definitions]
bill1 a written list showing the cost of items bought or services provided. [4 definitions]
bill2 the parts of a bird's jaw that form the beak.
billboard a large board for displaying outdoor advertisements, often seen next to highways.
billfold a small folding case that holds paper money and fits in a pocket; wallet.
billiards a game played with long sticks and hard balls on a special table covered with cloth. Players use a stick to hit the balls against each other and into pockets along the edges of the table.