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buck1 an adult male deer, goat, or rabbit. Adult males of some similar animals are also called bucks.
buck2 of an animal, to leap off the ground and come down with stiff front legs. [3 definitions]
buck5 (informal) a dollar in the U.S.
bucket an open container with round sides, a flat bottom, and a curved handle attached to the top; pail.
buckle a fastener that is used to join two ends. [5 definitions]
buckskin the skin of a deer. [2 definitions]
bucktooth an upper front tooth that sticks out.
buckwheat a plant with seeds that are often ground into flour or used as food for farm animals. [2 definitions]
bud1 a swelling on a plant that can grow into new parts, such as leaves or a flower. [3 definitions]
Buddha the title of the Indian religious leader and teacher who founded Buddhism.
Buddhism a religion from Asia, founded in the sixth century B.C. by Buddha. Buddhism teaches freedom from the self and from one's wants.
Buddhist one who follows the teachings of Buddhism. [2 definitions]
buddy (informal) a friend; pal. [2 definitions]
budge to change or begin to change position slightly. [2 definitions]
budget a plan for how much money will be spent and earned during a certain period. [3 definitions]
buff1 a soft, thick, yellow leather made from the skin of a buffalo or ox. [4 definitions]
buffalo a large mammal that has long legs, hooves, and horns, and that is closely related to cattle. Different kinds of buffaloes live in Africa or Asia. The North American bison is sometimes called a buffalo, but is not a true buffalo.
buffet2 a piece of furniture with a flat top and shelves or drawers to store table linens, dishes, and silverware. [2 definitions]
bug an insect with front wings that are thick at the base and thin at the tip. There are many kinds of bugs. All have mouths made for sucking, and most feed on plants. [6 definitions]
buggy1 a small carriage with four wheels that is pulled by a single horse.
bugle1 a horn shaped like a trumpet, usually without keys or valves.