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CAT scan an image of an area of the body that is formed from a grouping of x-rays on a computer. CAT scans are used to make a diagnosis in medical treatment. CAT stands for computerized axial tomography.
catsup another spelling of ketchup.
cattail a tall plant with long, flat leaves that grows in wet places. Cattails have long, brown, fuzzy flower spikes.
cattle large mammals raised on farms or ranches for their milk or meat. Female cattle are called cows. Male cattle are called steers or bulls. Young cattle are called calves. The ox and the yak are kinds of cattle.
cattleman a person who takes care of, feeds, or raises cattle on a ranch.
caught past tense and past participle of catch.
cauldron a round metal pot that is hung or placed over a fire, used for boiling liquids.
cauliflower a plant that bears a large head of firm white flowers that can be eaten. Cauliflower is related to the cabbage plant.
caulk to fill in cracks with putty or tar to keep air or water from leaking through.
cause something or someone that brings about a result or effect. [4 definitions]
causeway a raised road or path across water or land that is wet.
caution close attention and care; the act of being careful and alert. [3 definitions]
cautious taking care to avoid danger or trouble; careful.
cavalry soldiers who fight on horseback or from tanks or helicopters.
cave a natural hole or hollow in the earth. Many caves have openings in a hillside or cliff.
cave dweller a human being who lives or lived in a cave.
cave in to fall in or sink in. [2 definitions]
cave-in a falling inward; collapse.
cave man a human being who lived in a cave thousands of years ago; cave dweller.
cavern a large cave.
cavity a hollow place or hole.