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cave dweller a human being who lives or lived in a cave.
cave in to fall in or sink in. [2 definitions]
cave-in a falling inward; collapse.
cave man a human being who lived in a cave thousands of years ago; cave dweller.
cavern a large cave.
cavity a hollow place or hole.
caw the cry of the crow or raven, or any harsh call that sounds like this. [2 definitions]
CD1 an abbreviation for compact disk.
cease to stop or come to an end. [2 definitions]
cedar an evergreen tree of the pine family that bears cones. Cedars have strong wood with a sweet smell. [2 definitions]
cedilla a mark ( ). It is placed under certain letters to change that letter's pronunciation in French, where "" has the sound of "s."
ceiling the top inside surface of a room. [3 definitions]
celebrate to make special or honor with gifts, parties, or activities. [3 definitions]
celebration the act of honoring or celebrating. [2 definitions]
celebrity a person who is famous.
celery a plant with crisp, pale green stalks that are eaten as a vegetable. Celery leaves and seeds are used as seasoning.
cell a tiny unit of plant or animal life, having a nucleus and surrounded by a very thin membrane. [4 definitions]
cellar a room or rooms built underground, usually beneath a building.
cello a large musical instrument with four strings. The cello is in the violin family but has a deeper tone than the violin.
cellophane a thin, clear material made from cellulose. Cellophane is used to wrap food and other things.
cell phone a telephone that operates using radio signals and therefore requires no wires. A cell phone can be taken with one anywhere but may not function if it is too far away from a radio transmitter to receive signals.