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chess1 a board game played by two people in which each player has sixteen pieces, and the object is to trap the opponent's king.
chest the upper front part of the body between the neck and waist. [3 definitions]
chestnut a nut that grows inside a prickly shell. It has a sweet taste. [4 definitions]
chew to tear or grind between the teeth.
chewing gum a sweet and flavored gum for chewing.
chew out to scold (informal).
chewy needing a lot of chewing.
Cheyenne a member of a Native American people that now lives in Montana and Oklahoma. [2 definitions]
Chicago a city in the U.S. state of Illinois. It is near the southern tip of Lake Michigan.
Chicana a woman or girl of Mexican descent who lives in or is a citizen of the United States.
Chicano a person of Mexican descent who lives in or is a citizen of the United States.
chick a bird that has just hatched or a young bird, especially a young chicken.
chickadee a small North American bird with a gray body and black head and throat.
chicken a common farm bird that is raised for its meat and eggs. [3 definitions]
chicken out (informal) to not do something that one had planned to do, because of getting too scared.
chicken pox a disease that produces a fever and a rash. It is caused by a virus passed from person to person.
chief the most powerful or important person in a group; leader. [3 definitions]
chiefly especially. [2 definitions]
chieftain a leader of a clan or tribe.
chigger the tiny larva of a mite that lives in the skin of animals and causes great itching. It is usually not dangerous but can sometimes spread disease.
child a young human; baby. [2 definitions]