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cocky sure of oneself in a rude way; arrogant.
cocoa a powder made by grinding the dried seeds of the cacao tree and removing the fat. [3 definitions]
coconut a tropical palm tree that bears large seeds that can be eaten; coconut tree; coconut palm. [2 definitions]
cocoon a covering made by young insects and some other arthropods to protect themselves while they change from a pupa into an adult. Some spiders make cocoons to hide their eggs.
cod a large fish found in the ocean. Cod are used for food.
c.o.d. an abbreviation for "collect on delivery," or "cash on delivery." Ordering an item c.o.d. means that payment is not required until the goods arrive.
code a set of rules or laws. [3 definitions]
coeducation the education of males and females at the same school and in the same classes.
coffee a tropical plant that produces beans. These beans are used to make a dark brown drink. [2 definitions]
coffeepot a pot for making or serving coffee.
coffee shop a small restaurant that specializes in serving coffee, snacks, and light meals.
coffee table a long, low table usually placed in front of a sofa.
coffin a box in which a dead person is buried.
cog1 one of a series of teeth on a gear.
coherence the condition of being logical and easy to understand.
coil1 to wind into circles. [2 definitions]
coin a piece of metal money that is small, flat, and round. [3 definitions]
coincide to be in the same place or happen at the same time. [2 definitions]
coincidence the chance happening of two events at the same time.
coke the carbon substance that is left after coal has been heated without air. Coke is used as a fuel for doing certain kinds of work in a factory.
cold without heat or warmth. [7 definitions]