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cobblestone a naturally rounded stone about the size of a fist, at one time used to pave streets.
cobra a poisonous snake found in Asia and Africa. When excited, cobras are known to rear up and spread the skin of their necks into a shape like a hood.
cobweb a web spun by a spider, or a single piece of this web. [2 definitions]
cock1 an adult male chicken or the male of other closely related birds, such as turkeys or pheasants; rooster. [3 definitions]
cock2 to tip to one side or turn up; tilt.
cockatoo a crested parrot that is mostly white. There are several kinds of cockatoos. They are found in Australia and in some South Pacific islands.
cocker spaniel a breed of dog. Cocker spaniels are small dogs with short legs, a long, soft coat, and long ears.
cockle a small animal with a soft body and a hard shell shaped like a heart. Cockles are mollusks with two hinged shells that open and close. They are kinds of clams. People sometimes eat cockles.
cockpit the area from which the pilot and crew control an airplane. [2 definitions]
cockroach an insect with a flat body and long antennae that lives in most parts of the world. Some kinds of cockroaches are pests that live in homes and other buildings. All cockroaches are active at night.
cocktail1 a drink made with alcohol and juice, soda, or other beverages. [2 definitions]
cocky sure of oneself in a rude way; arrogant.
cocoa a powder made by grinding the dried seeds of the cacao tree and removing the fat. [3 definitions]
coconut a tropical palm tree that bears large seeds that can be eaten; coconut tree; coconut palm. [2 definitions]
cocoon a covering made by young insects and some other arthropods to protect themselves while they change from a pupa into an adult. Some spiders make cocoons to hide their eggs.
cod a large fish found in the ocean. Cod are used for food.
c.o.d. an abbreviation for "collect on delivery," or "cash on delivery." Ordering an item c.o.d. means that payment is not required until the goods arrive.
code a set of rules or laws. [3 definitions]
coeducation the education of males and females at the same school and in the same classes.
coffee a tropical plant that produces beans. These beans are used to make a dark brown drink. [2 definitions]
coffeepot a pot for making or serving coffee.